The Performance Collective (TPC); a collective of like-minded performing arts companies and industry professionals seeking to unite for the common goal of collaboration, growth, development, reach and promotion. 

The primary objective of the TPC is to become the catalyst for artistic and economic prosperity/growth for both its members and the arts industry at large. 

TPC members represent a diverse range of emerging performers, creators, influencers, administrators and industry executives. 

TPC’s founding members include 11 individuals and 8 companies: Sebastian Hirtenstein (Bash Productions); Rohan Dhupar & Macayla Paris (Theatre Oculus); Ashley Harju (D2R Charity); Mel Hart & Sam Schleese (SaMel Tanz); Tarina Paquin; Alayna Kellet (House Of Von Hunt); Roberto Sapienza & Bryan Kling (Sapling Productions); and Adam Martino (Breakaway Entertainment). 


Mission Statement 

Our aim is to foster the creation of both artistic and economic freedom for collective members and within the arts/entertainment industry at large. 

The Performance Collective is committed to continued discussion regarding diversity, equity and inclusion in the performing arts landscape. 


To broaden and strengthen the impact of smaller companies and organizations on the Toronto performing arts landscape, The Performance Collective aims to strengthen all members' creative processes and maximize the potential of all its members.